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Mr. Madan Mohan Chadda

Mr. Madan Mohan Chadda


Mr. Madan Mohan Chadda (1939-2002) was born in Amritsar, India. He was a renowned physicist and scientist (B. Sc. (Hons.); M. Sc. (Math.); M. Sc. (Phys.)), educated in India and England, and worked for established corporations in India, England, Switzerland and Germany until he settled down with his family in Germany. For his work as a physicist, Mr. Chadda obtained over 40 patents in his lifetime.

Mr. Chadda founded POWERSEM GmbH in Germany in 1985. The pinnacle of his remarkable career was the opening of a brand new, state-of-the art facility in year 2000 utilizing clean and efficient hydrogen power. POWERSEM designs, develops and manufactures multiple chip semiconductor modules. Today, POWERSEM is considered one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing isolated base packaged modules for standard, fast, single, three phase, half and full controlled power semiconductor modules in a compact package design. POWERSEM has offices and representations throughout the entire world, with a new manufacturing plant in Asia, just being founded by his son Ashok in Bangalore, India.

Continuing the business in the spirit of Madan M. Chadda - the founder of POWERSEM GmbH – his son Ashok Chadda and his highly qualified staff in Germany and India guarantee long term innovations and highest quality of power semiconductor modules.

Suman Chadda

Suman Chadda

Co-Founder Powersem GmbH
Kavita Soni

Kavita Soni

CEO Powersem GmbH
Director Powersem Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.

Kavita Chadda Soni is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Powersem GmbH since 2014. Ms. Soni is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of creating well-targeted strategies that achieve business objectives. She has been working for Powersem GmbH, Germany, and Powersem Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd., India, for the last 10 years. "In Ms. Soni, we have found the ideal visionary to lead POWERSEM worldwide to the next leap in growth", said Suman Chadda, co-founder and major shareholder of Powersem.

Kavita Soni

Ashok Chadda

Managing Director Powersem GmbH
Managing Director Powersem Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.

Ashok Chadda is the Managing Director of Powersem GmbH, a leading manufacturer and supplier of isolated base packaged modules.

Mr. Chadda’s visionary strategy, his ability to drive an entrepreneurial culture and his passion have become hallmarks of his tenure at Powersem GmbH. In 2005 he set up a second manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India, which was further expanded in 2008. Under his direction, Powersem GmbH expanded its worldwide distribution network as well as its OEM business.

Mr. Chadda was born 1969 in Lincoln, England, and grew up in Switzerland and Germany. After completing his German baccalaureat in Nuremberg, Germany, Mr. Chadda joined the German Airforce from 1989-1991. He then attended the Technical University of Munich for studies of physics and mechanical engineering and was engaged in numerous research activities at the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics (Werner-Heisenberg-Institute) in Munich, before joining Powersem GmbH in 1997.

Mr. Chadda is a globally respected business leader and frequently serves as a guest speaker at several universities and conferences.

Future Plans

POWERSEM continues to innovate new modular power semiconductor solutions for the demanding requirements of the electronic industry and provides excellent quality and reliability. The basis for this High-Tech integrations, using Multiple Chip Technology (MCT) and a single package module, provides the customer with a complete solution. In order to achieve these goals, a continuous investment in automated production and quality control is being constantly made.